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I know there are many of you who have your all time favourite Wax Pop essential oil blends, so I’ve devised a way for you to buy in bulk and save some money!


Introducing the Mega Pop, she weighs in at a hefty 150g, which is the equivalent of 4 essential oil brittles, with an average burn time of at least 56hrs, depending on how much you use each time.


To keep costs down she comes ‘Naked’ so no wax dye, no shimmery mica, no biodegradable glitter or botanicals, just pure wax and your favourite essential oil blend.


Snap off the desired amount - I'd recommend half the size of a normal wax pop (about 15g)  add to your burner and enjoy!


Keep the rest of the Mega Pop stored in its glassine bag, in a cool dry place, there is no 'shelf life' to a wax melt, but I'd advise using within a year.

Naked Essential Oil Mega Pop

  • Chop off the desired amount of wax off the wax pop, depending on wax burner size and strength of fragrance you require. 

    Continue to melt until fragrance has gone, which as a guide is usually approx 8hrs. Once the fragance has gone, allow the wax to cool and harden, then remove and clean as per the manufacturers guidlines. 

    THIS IS NOT FOOD, DO NOT CONSUME, KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Never leave a candle burning unattended.

    Allergens and irritants are listed on the CLP compliant labels, which can be found on the back of each product.