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Welcome to my Open Box service!


Now you can take advantage of limited stock, new releases and grab your favourite melts before they sell out by putting them in an open box, and only pay one shipping fee when you're ready to receive them.


On your first order, check out as normal and when you get to shipping you can select 'Open Box' I will set up a box for you, which you can add to, with as many orders as you like, by always selecting'Open box' at check out. 


Once you are ready to close your box and receive your order, please add this 'Close Box' item to your basket, along with any last minute melts if you wish, then check out selecting your preferred postage option.


If you do not add this "Close Box' item to your last basket then I wont get the notification to close your box, and combine all your orders in one.


You do not need to open or close any boxes, if you wish to just place one order, please do just check out as normal.


Easy Peasy! Any questions, please pop me a message in the contact section.


Amy x

Close My Box

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